Ancestors and Family Barry, Fletcher, Ojerholm, Smith

And Allied Families

Originally this project began very simply 30 years ago for two reasons; someone in the family at one time or another had mentioned to me that our family name “Ojerholm” had been changed from something else into what it is today. My curiosity was instantly piqued. Secondly, the Smith family genealogy, commissioned by Daniel Byron Smith II, in the late 1950’s had made mention that all records pertaining to the Smith family beyond Adam Smith (1828-1907) had been lost during the Civil War. I was never able to quite accept that in my own mind and was determined to “uncover” the facts. I just knew there had to be more. It wasn’t long after, perhaps 2 years or so, that I began to discover the origins of the name Ojerholm. The Ojerholms had once been the Erssons and prior to that, the Samuelssons and prior to that, the Lungmans. Subsequently, Adam Smith’s father and family were found to be alive and well; or at least their history was. And so, my quest should have ended then and there. But it did not, for our progenitors had begun to come alive. Just who was this great-grandfather of our's, J.E. Barry, a judge? How did he end up being Mayor of a town and the first practicing attorney in Crowley, LA? Who was Susannah Roark who rode in support of the Confederate troops? Who was William Longmire of the 3d Confederate Cavalry? What of Robert Morgan Rollins of the 12th Arkansas Cavalry and why was he AWOL on muster? What of the buried gold spoken of by Adam Smith’s descendants? And what of Martha and Louisa Barry, (our great grandaunts) the 2 sisters who both became nuns? Mathilde Wiel, the victim of an attempted murder at age 16 while still in Norway and later, to become the Poetess Laureate of Texas. And who could have known of a little girl named Bessie on the Nebraska prairie and of her baby doll made of a corn cob? I wonder if her doll had a name. And so it evolved from a simple matter of curiosity into a work of remembrance. A remembrance of those who came before. Our antecedents; of whom we are all a part.

December, 2008

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